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Aluminum Idler Wheel

Posted by reifsnyderb 
Aluminum Idler Wheel
March 05, 2010 06:05AM

I have added the aluminum idler wheel to my parts list. The description is below. Please see my posting at [dev.forums.reprap.org] for more information.


This idler wheel is a drop-in replacement for the standard 41mm acrylic idler wheel in the extruder. The outside diameter is 41mm and it is 3mm wide. A shallow groove has been cut into the outside diameter in order to help properly guide the filament. The center has been carefully bored out to 0.8655 (+0.0004 -0.0003) and the bearing has been pressed in with a 2 ton arbor press. This part is guaranteed to last the life of the printer. Please see the "wheel.jpg" attachment to view a picture of this item. On occasion, there may be some slight visual imperfections, on the sides of the idler wheel, however, this will not effect it's operation.


Re: Aluminum Idler Wheel
March 15, 2010 11:52AM
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